2020 Cycleland Reserved Pit Spots is now OPEN

How to Reserve a Spot for the Outlaw Kart Racing Season

We offer an interactive way to reserve your pit spot at Cycleland Speedway

This year we are going to be doing things a little bit different. We are going to have a SEASON PASS for $480.

- Spots marked in Red are already reserved, to view who owns a spot just hover over or click the pit spot.

- Spots marked in Black are available to be reserved, Just click on any black spot and enter your Last Name and Kart Number to reserve.

Once you reserve your spot, please remit payment within 2 weeks at Cycleland Speedway.


-- 1 kart entry for the entire season
--You will get your spot for the Larson Showcase no extra fee
-- This will include all signage with your name and kart number and will last the entire Cycleland season
-- We have 20 point races this season, so 20x20=$400 plus the $80 for your pit spot. One driver will be paid up for the entire year.

As of right now there will be no reserved pit parking for the Larson Showcase, but note this could possibly change in the future.
Please note there will be no refunds If you are wanting to reserve last year’s spot, you have 2 weeks to either text Donald Gramps at 530-828-2951 or email at clpit.spot@gmail.com

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